* Nature in June : Tsuyu
Photos of hydrangea (ajisai). (18 KB)

* Annual Event in May : Boy's Festival
Photos of Kabuto and Koinobori. (40 KB)

* Todai-ji Temple (Daibutsu) in Nara
Nara is one of the sightseeing spots with many old temples.
Photos are taken by Epson digital camera. (38 KB)

* Daitoku-ji Temple in Kyoto
Daitoku-ji Temple is a cluster of more than a dozen of small zen temples. The photos here were taken at one of the small temples.
A dry landscape garden is called "Karesansui" . The garden is covered with white sands and artistically designed stones and bush. It shows mountains and waters. (Taken by Casio QV-10A)

* Bibelots

* Ginkgoes with illumination along Mido-suji Line in Osaka
These photos were taken at the end of the year 1997. Ginkgoes were shining beautifully with illumination. Some other people were also taking photos.
(Taken by Casio QV-10A)

* Today's photo